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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Join the Guardian Support Team today!

Ok peoples, I got another post for ya.

I suppose you've all been following HiaG's contest right? Because you should. It's this really complicated interactive story telling based on the CGI animated cartoon Reboot. Basically There are these guardians that are trying to defeat this computer Virus that has taken over the blog. As of Know, they have unlocked the door into the blog, gotten out another virus help them, and gotten another program to help the virus while stopping the "User". Well, even for the people that aren't guardians, we can still help! If we do, we might even get some prizes. To support them you should first cheack out Diary of a Pyromancer for more details. Then run to the dye shop and change your colors to block with silver trim. After that, go to Hiag's panic tomb and solve the latest puzzle avalible while telling everyone you can about this! We need to band together! You can get to the poster HERE


Monday, May 30, 2011


OK peeps, I'm here.

First things first, go to this blog. It's really cool, and I have faith in him. He has this Army of Wizard101 thingy, and its really cool. You should definitely try it.BTW, minor warlords rule!

And, for any of you that care, here's what's going on with Mason.

He just finished up Wintertusk and with the crazy amount of xp you can get from there, he's 59 1/2. He's gotten Ra and a baby Judgement. From here he's gonna be finishing up the floating Island and then all of Celestia.

And since I cant get this outta my head, here's about the Official Bloggers.

Really people? They deserve it. Most of these people have been blogging for a while and showing hard work. Even then blogging is not for rewards! Some amazing blogger's I know have even been trying to give them away. Those are true blogger's, who blog because they enjoy this game and want to share why they love it. I know its a little late, but look at how much work these people have done? They deserve it.

Note: I know there are some free blogger's who do a very good job blogging, and it might be hard to fork out money. This was not aimed at you.

Rant aside, I hope everyone has a great time playing!

The one and only,
Mason Ironhorn

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Day, so Colin Levels Away!

I'm sick today, so I decided I would try and and catch you up on my wizards.
Mason, as I said before, is stuck on the Floating Island. While he's stuck, I tried gardening. I think I'm level six or something. Right now I've got a silver trumpet vine, a few helephant ears, annd a couple of dandelions.
So, for right now Mason is going to be waiting right in front of the entrance to the Floating Island.
Next we have Colin, who, when I last was on him, was going to battle Lord Nightshade. After a long walk all the way from the commons to Stormdrain tower, Colin defeated him with his new crowns staff. The battle was actually much harder than I remembered. I think its good to go back to these fights, which were really challenging when you had first gone against them. I remember after losing my first Nightshade battle on Mason, I went over to my friends house, made him get on his level four life wizard and help me beat Nightshade. In the end I beat him, and allowed Colin to advance up to Krokotopia, I didn't even bother accepting Marla's quest, I hate sunken city. Here's some pics.
And Colin's crowded dorm...

I guess that's all for today... time to take a nap.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Stinks

Yeah, worst day of the whole year.

So, Mason is kinda stuck on the Floating Island, so I've been leveling up my life alt Colin. Hes been doing pretty good, on Nightshade right now. If anybody is leveling up an alt and would like to work beside Colin or even Mason, go right ahead and post a time we can possibly meet. Sigh, time to go back to my regular Valentines Day schedule. Go to school and be miserable, come home and do homework while listening to songs on my Ipod, mope around house while being miserable, and this year, go to basketball practice. Lucky for me, its a light practice, after I hurt my knee yesterday, it was hard to play badminton ( I hate this sport ) in gym. I'm also trying this tag thing out, see if it will make this blog more "organized".

The Anti-Valentine Mason

Wednesday, October 27, 2010




NEXT WINNER IS......................


AND FINALLY......................



Sunday, October 24, 2010



OK, so here are the real details. I will be giving away 3 wizard blox codes. These most likely wont be for anything great. So far I have 3 entries, which means until someone else enters, your guarantied an code. I need an e-mail or Central name with your entry though, Matthew and Pegasus 7 (I'll skype you yours if you win Bluerose). So remember, enter quicly, I'll edit this post maybe on wedsday saying that the raffles over. Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

The one and only,