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-Mark Twain

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

catch up

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been busy with school. But I do have some stuff to tell you. I beat Tataki outpost so now I'm on crimson fields which I can't seem to beat. But before that I was in jade palace when my friend Wolf ported to me and asked me if I wanted to fight jade oni. I said yes and we had just entered the throne room when Conner ported so we all battled him I told them that I really wanted his amethyst blade and they said they wanted the pet. After the first battle and much complaining Wolf lighted the obelisk again and we started the battle again this battle was much longer but then Conner's friend Edward came and we finished the battle. After that you won't believe what I got. Yep I got the sword. After much dancing I realized that i was to low level. Ugh. I then ported to my friend who was on war oni to tell him. Remember I wasn't on him when I ported so it didn't give me credit. After the battle I got the fire wing pet! Yes! Wow two really hard items to farm for and I got them back to back. And that's about it.

cya in the spiral,
Mason Ironhorn

P.S. Sorry about no pictures they are lost some where in my hard drive.

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