Apparently there is nothing that can't happen today,

-Mark Twain

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentines day comes to Wizard City!

Its official, Valentina Heartsong has arrived.

I had just started playing the game last time she was here, so I had no idea that she had good wands. Why did I have spend them all. Eh, i have a giant sword.

The one and only,


Header #2!

Man I'm getting good with paint! New poll will be up with the new header so watch out for that. Oh and once I learn how to layer, there will be a third header.

I beat the tower of war! Actually I beat the whole Plaza of Conquest but, I take more pride saying I beat the tower of war. I'm currently stuck on the first vault, which is what I'm going to do once I finish this post. Another question for you though, should I use fraps hypercam, a differn't video device I don't know about, or not make movies at all.

The one and only,

Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm going to change this blog over the next few days. so don't mind me. As I said before I need your feedback so please comment. Random picture:

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Ya!


Oh great now I need DS shoes! Oh, and on a side note, seeing a giant hand appear out of the sky scares noobs out of there wits.

I have some thing to say to oyotomi. /sad violin music starts. Oyotomi, I think we need to start battling other people. Its just that you seem not to have my robe. There are just some many opportunities out there. Jade Oni has basicly been begging me to farm him. I'm sorry but this is goodbye.

The one and only,


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy day!

Happy day indeed! Well yesterday was.... About three things happened

#1 I was completly bored when I ported to my friend luke outside shythorn tower. There were to gms with him and we went in. Luke ended up fleeing not that it mattered much. Just took us about 2 turns longer. But at the end of the match I looked at the side and saw a wand icon. YES! Add that to my 2 other swords.

#2 After getting my awesome sword I ported to my friend jose. We ended up going to Malistaire. We went to the fire oni first, and totaly pwned him. I got a hat icon on the side. I think nothing of it, but when I click on it it's wolverine's helm! I GOT A CROWN HAT! YES!

#3 Wait I only had 2 things. Um.

Well I'm off to my friends party with a devoloping cold.

The one and only,

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I got a header! Well if you were looking at the top of your screen you probably would have seen that. I'm still stuck in the tower of war. sigh. But I got a header! Now on to a more serious topic.......


I have been not posting again. I'm sorry for that. I've been consumed with modern warfare 2. But I do have some things to post about so bear with me.

I finished the keep in Grizz! That was possibly the most annoying place ever. (besides the tower of war that is) Now I'm on joton. Oh joy. Does anybody out there have a strategy for him and his bros?

The one and only,