Apparently there is nothing that can't happen today,

-Mark Twain

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

50 Posts, Decorations up, and a whole lot more!

Well on the first topic, THIS IS MY 50th POST! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just think About it, when I started this blog in august 50 posts earlier, I was just a magus stuck in the dark skies of Marley Bone. 50 posts, wow. Never thought I'd make it this far. So yeah:

Also on that small refrence of Horrible marley bone, I have wrote a small song about getting from magus to master, enjoy.

When I was a magus,
my heart was full of despair,
I was in the dark skies of Marly bone,
killing cats with my horrible orange clothes,
I had no good spells not one at all,
Using judgement was my feet none to small.
I was at the end of the tunnel, almost to Moshu,
but meowarity kept me from saying "Wohoo"

Finally that day came where I beat them all!
Every single one, short to tall.
I got to mooshu, only to relize,
That I still had 7 levels to master!
I had finally done it,
war oni was doneI had seen sunshine,
I was no longer glum.

But then he came,
my back breaking pain!

He had poisoned the waters,
that could not do,

But it was the worst place in Mooshu!

I got to 39, what to do...
I knew what to do!
I could go to marley bone,
the side quests of stone!
I walked in instantly sad,
but this could not be to bad.
I talked to abigal,
and talked again.

That little bar was killing my head.
I was on the last quest,
Almost there!
I talked to her,making sure it was done,
getting ready to run.

I pressed done,
and BOOM! it happened!
I could equip my sword,
a new fancy hat!

it was light and swift,
not like a bat!

Everything was done,
This was going to be fun!
That once again shows you my poor writing skills, but hey, it was fun to write.

On a differn't topic, the party decorations are back up in Wizard city

You've got to love it when wizard city has a party.

I went to the Pet Park looking f0r decorations, but alas, I did not find any.

Also decided to make another one of those cards

So good bye people!

The 50 post,


Help wanted! AGAIN!

Same drill as last time folks, but now its Sylvia Drake's tomb. So yeah, comment or e-mail, which ever you prefer.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Party Pack

So as almost anybody knows, Wizard 101 has reached its 10,000,000 player! WOHOOO! Hopefully that should delay the problem of nobody helping in Dragonspire. So if you want the new party pack, just log on to their website, and enter the code PARTYPACK. That's all for now, more later.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help Wanted!

So, you haven't heard about any progress lately have you? That's because I'm stuck on Edrick's Vault in the Grand Chasm. I just can't get anyone to help. So, if you would be willing to help, comment or shoot me an e-mail( I added a little thing on the side ).

Thank you,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weird Stats

I was battling The jade oni with Ronan when I checked his stats, and they were messed up! Just check it out.
The one and only,