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-Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Day, so Colin Levels Away!

I'm sick today, so I decided I would try and and catch you up on my wizards.
Mason, as I said before, is stuck on the Floating Island. While he's stuck, I tried gardening. I think I'm level six or something. Right now I've got a silver trumpet vine, a few helephant ears, annd a couple of dandelions.
So, for right now Mason is going to be waiting right in front of the entrance to the Floating Island.
Next we have Colin, who, when I last was on him, was going to battle Lord Nightshade. After a long walk all the way from the commons to Stormdrain tower, Colin defeated him with his new crowns staff. The battle was actually much harder than I remembered. I think its good to go back to these fights, which were really challenging when you had first gone against them. I remember after losing my first Nightshade battle on Mason, I went over to my friends house, made him get on his level four life wizard and help me beat Nightshade. In the end I beat him, and allowed Colin to advance up to Krokotopia, I didn't even bother accepting Marla's quest, I hate sunken city. Here's some pics.
And Colin's crowded dorm...

I guess that's all for today... time to take a nap.

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  1. Hey Mason can you meet me tomorrow at 8:00 eastern on vampire area 1? I would like to add you so we can talk about the army. Also it would be great if you could make a post with my sites link on it on here. Cya then(hopefully). Oh btw I will either be on grandmaster of myth garrett dayhand or legendary of myth Morgrim Battlegem.