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Monday, May 30, 2011


OK peeps, I'm here.

First things first, go to this blog. It's really cool, and I have faith in him. He has this Army of Wizard101 thingy, and its really cool. You should definitely try it.BTW, minor warlords rule!

And, for any of you that care, here's what's going on with Mason.

He just finished up Wintertusk and with the crazy amount of xp you can get from there, he's 59 1/2. He's gotten Ra and a baby Judgement. From here he's gonna be finishing up the floating Island and then all of Celestia.

And since I cant get this outta my head, here's about the Official Bloggers.

Really people? They deserve it. Most of these people have been blogging for a while and showing hard work. Even then blogging is not for rewards! Some amazing blogger's I know have even been trying to give them away. Those are true blogger's, who blog because they enjoy this game and want to share why they love it. I know its a little late, but look at how much work these people have done? They deserve it.

Note: I know there are some free blogger's who do a very good job blogging, and it might be hard to fork out money. This was not aimed at you.

Rant aside, I hope everyone has a great time playing!

The one and only,
Mason Ironhorn

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