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-Mark Twain

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Join the Guardian Support Team today!

Ok peoples, I got another post for ya.

I suppose you've all been following HiaG's contest right? Because you should. It's this really complicated interactive story telling based on the CGI animated cartoon Reboot. Basically There are these guardians that are trying to defeat this computer Virus that has taken over the blog. As of Know, they have unlocked the door into the blog, gotten out another virus help them, and gotten another program to help the virus while stopping the "User". Well, even for the people that aren't guardians, we can still help! If we do, we might even get some prizes. To support them you should first cheack out Diary of a Pyromancer for more details. Then run to the dye shop and change your colors to block with silver trim. After that, go to Hiag's panic tomb and solve the latest puzzle avalible while telling everyone you can about this! We need to band together! You can get to the poster HERE


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