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-Mark Twain

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

50 Posts, Decorations up, and a whole lot more!

Well on the first topic, THIS IS MY 50th POST! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just think About it, when I started this blog in august 50 posts earlier, I was just a magus stuck in the dark skies of Marley Bone. 50 posts, wow. Never thought I'd make it this far. So yeah:

Also on that small refrence of Horrible marley bone, I have wrote a small song about getting from magus to master, enjoy.

When I was a magus,
my heart was full of despair,
I was in the dark skies of Marly bone,
killing cats with my horrible orange clothes,
I had no good spells not one at all,
Using judgement was my feet none to small.
I was at the end of the tunnel, almost to Moshu,
but meowarity kept me from saying "Wohoo"

Finally that day came where I beat them all!
Every single one, short to tall.
I got to mooshu, only to relize,
That I still had 7 levels to master!
I had finally done it,
war oni was doneI had seen sunshine,
I was no longer glum.

But then he came,
my back breaking pain!

He had poisoned the waters,
that could not do,

But it was the worst place in Mooshu!

I got to 39, what to do...
I knew what to do!
I could go to marley bone,
the side quests of stone!
I walked in instantly sad,
but this could not be to bad.
I talked to abigal,
and talked again.

That little bar was killing my head.
I was on the last quest,
Almost there!
I talked to her,making sure it was done,
getting ready to run.

I pressed done,
and BOOM! it happened!
I could equip my sword,
a new fancy hat!

it was light and swift,
not like a bat!

Everything was done,
This was going to be fun!
That once again shows you my poor writing skills, but hey, it was fun to write.

On a differn't topic, the party decorations are back up in Wizard city

You've got to love it when wizard city has a party.

I went to the Pet Park looking f0r decorations, but alas, I did not find any.

Also decided to make another one of those cards

So good bye people!

The 50 post,



  1. Not a bad post... nice card! I might be able to help you out in-game!

  2. O.o Awesome Sorcerer? I already called the title of Awesome! x steals awesome part, replaces with eh-saying, runs for dear life x :)

  3. @M.W.S.: Thanks for the complement, maybe Friday? Post a time and a plave you want to meet.

    @Jessica: No copyright infingment intended, just an honest mistake :@)