Apparently there is nothing that can't happen today,

-Mark Twain

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I wish you a happy holidays and a merry new year (yeah, i know it should be switched around but I like it that way). Well I have news. I got $25 in crowns for christmas and I used them! Now I could have gotten my house but I'm close on gold if its on sale, so yeah. Which meant only one thing could stop me from getting a mount. And that was nothing! So now I present to you, mounted Mason.

I also got something important..............


It is so nice. It has a blu-ray player, touch volume, and a web cam. I have to move all my pics over though. Ugh.

I also got a lot of other cool stuff so now I'm laying on my couch typing this with my snuggie over me and my furry crocs before I go to see sherlock holms with my older brother.

I have also proggresed out of Mooshu and into Dragenspyre. But i'm a little low level for the enemies so I'm doing side quest.

The one and only,


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